The social culture and traditions of Georgians are founded on history and occidental and oriental influences, brought about through centuries of cultural exchange, travel, trade and war. While Georgians are enthusiastic innovators and modernizers, they also zealously preserve their unique culture.

Although as a rule creative and hard working, Georgians do not merely live to work. In their rich social and cultural world, Georgians attach great importance to leisure, investing time in social networks and families. For Georgians, history is not something irrelevant but is a palpable reality of their continuing collective journey. Georgians revere their historical monuments, kings and queens, national heroes and great artists. They consider themselves to be Europeans, although they have a deep understanding of the East. Personal trust and reputation are critical when conducting business with Georgians.

Georgian people respect their traditions. Georgia is ready to accept visitors and charm them with its famous and phenomenal hospitality. Many people have been charmed by Georgian hospitality and goodness. A guest is considered as a gift received from the God.

According to Georgia-A Sovereign Country of the Caucasus, Georgians are among the most hospitable people with strong traditions of chivalry and personal honour. Friendship is the greatest virtue. Georgians, in addition to being proud, passionate and individualists are connected with one another through a shared sense of belonging.

Women are highly regarded and are accorded great respect. The statue of Mother Georgia that stands overlooking Tbilisi perhaps best symbolizes the national character. In her left hand, the Mother holds a bowl of wine, with which she greets her friends and in her right hand is a sword drawn against her enemies.

King Tamar, Xll Century

The Mother of Georgia
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