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Tbilisi State Medical University has worked out an international program - American MD (Doctor of Medicine) program with Emory University School of Medicine (ESOM) - Atlanta, USA.

The program is accredited by the Ministry of Science and Education of Georgia. Duration is 6 years.

The program is created in a way, that students pass the two steps of the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) during the educational process. In addition, students are able to gain research experience and practical activities in the U.S. during certain stages of the educational process. The program boasts of basic medical, preclinical and clinical disciplines that are fully integrated.

In addition, the program's first 2 years are focused on the fact that the student has to expand its horizon of general education. For this purpose, for the first time, in the area of medical education, there are subjects taught, such as: History of civilizations, anthropology, history of art, journalism, history of America etc. All these disciplines are integrated into the so-called "Time axis" in mind. Preclinical subjects, such as chemistry, biology and physics are taught in-depth with thematic integration. With the onset of the program starts a new discipline, "Become a doctor," which provides general development of clinical skills and critical clinical thinking skills using visits in outpatient clinics and hospitals.

The program graduates will be awarded the Doctor of Medicine Degree (MD). Having passed the two steps of USMLE, students will be able to prepare for postgraduate education and specialized professional training both in Georgia and abroad (including the U.S.).

Fee structure : USD 13,500 per year
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