Tbilisi is the capital and the largest and most important city of Georgia. Situated on the banks of Mtkvari River, Tbilisi has long been the cultural centre of the South Caucasus and a significant economic and political hub, as well as being the heart of modern Georgian nation. Approximately one quarter of the nation's entire population lives in Tbilisi. The city also has a strong cosmopolitan identity and has long been home to a variety of ethnic communities.

Modern Tbilisi, which is now an important stop on the re-emerging Silk Road linking Europe and Asia, wears its history on its sleeve and a walk through its streets will reveal everything from medieval churches and 19th century homes designed by German architects - to examples of all Soviet buildings, plans and modern high rises.

Tbilisi's climate ranges from subtropical to relatively mild continental - summer are hot and humid and winters are not too severe. Rainfall is common as precipitation is generated from the wet climate of the Black Sea to the west.
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