Georgia is located in Eastern Europe / Southwestern Asia and is bordered......
  • To the north by the Russian Federation
  • To the east by Azerbaijan
  • To the west across the Black Sea by Ukraine
  • To the south by Armenia
  • To the southwest by Turkey

Strategically located at the center of trade and commerce between the East and West, it is well-positioned to serve and access markets in the Middle East, Africa, the Indian Subcontinent and the CIS countries, Moreover, Georgia occupies a time zone that allows it to connect markets like the Far East and the US. Georgia is developing world-class infrastructure, air and port facilities, to make it the most well-connected hub in the region. Georgia is a resource rich country. Its location on the "Silk Road" between Europe and Asia made it a transit route for goods shipped through the Caucasus. The capital of Georgia is Tbilisi.

More people in Georgia live to be over 100 years than almost anywhere else in the world. People say its the yogurt, the organic food and wine and the Georgian zest for life that keep people youthful.

Few of the world's small nations offer tourists and visitors as much as Georgia. Georgia has :

  • The highest mountains in Europe
  • Enchanting walking trails
  • More indigenous grape varieties than anywhere else in the world
  • Architectural marvels, such as stone watch-towers in the mountains and carved wooden balconies
  • Richly frescoed churches
  • A Mediterranean climate
  • Legendary Georgian Hospitality

Georgia is also known as the cradle of wine. The oldest seeds of grape and wine apparatus were found in Georgia, and the word wine is derived from Georgian word g'vino. Georgia has more than 500 varieties of grape, most of which are used for wine.

Unique location - Infinite possibilities
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